Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Pocono Remix 2023–Workshops

Saturday, April 29

10:15 AM Author & Illustrator Workshops


Author Workshop


Learn Character, Learn Voice

Voice is the soul of story. The element that magically pulls us in, often with only a few lines. As writers, we want nothing more than to execute it. But what comes first, creating an unforgettable character? Or crafting an unforgettable voice? By looking at the delicate dance between the relationship of character and voice, we will explore how elements like rhythm, life experience, and word choice play into creating a distinct character voice that becomes the undeniable, unputdownable and unforgettable soul of story. 


Illustrator Workshop


Lessons drawn from writing: How writing made me a better illustrator (and vice versa)

Writing and illustrating are two practices that benefit one another. Practicing both will help you elevate your storytelling and connect with your readers. Sharee will share her process, tips for writing and illustrating, and lessons she’s learned in her career. 




1 PM Editor & Art Director Workshops


Editor Workshop




Whose Line is it Anyway? Finding your Voice through Revision 

Editors and agents alike often point to voice as the key for falling in love with a manuscript – but what is voice anyway? And how can you make yours shine? Vázquez will discuss approaching revision with an eye towards articulating an authorial voice (and how it differentiates from your character’s voice(s). Please come to this workshop with at least three scenes, ideally from at least two different projects. 


Art Director Workshop

Who’s This?: Creating Characters Your Readers will Fall in Love with

Characters that are well-built feel as if they exist in the real world. Characters that are loved by readers lead their own life and journey, often staying in the world longer than their creators. It is a great joy for creators to see the characters we build are loved and supported by the readers. Sometimes, however, characters we build fall flat, and sadly, are easily forgotten. How do you create characters that are well-built, believable, and so lovable that your readers will fall in love with and root for their journey? It is so much more than coming up with a cute character you think your readers might like. It is about building a whole world your character lives in, and about making your readers wonder about the characters’ lives. As visual storytellers, it is crucial that we create characters that are full of life so that readers will fall in love with them. In this workshop, we will look at samples of successful character buildings along with the stories and principles behind them followed by short exercises to apply those principles on your own characters.


 3 PM Agent Workshops
Agent Workshop–Option 1:



Great Openings

We all know that the first line of your book creates an indelible impression on your reader, and a strong one can make all the difference when it comes to winning an agent or editor’s attention. But how do you craft that stunner of a first line (not to mention first page)? We’ll talk about the qualities of a compelling opener, share some favorites, and workshop our own first lines. *Please bring the opening line to a project you’re working on.*








Agent Workshop–Option 2:

The Marriage of Words and Illustrations in Books for All Ages
Regardless of the age group for which you create, exploring how we: leave room for illustrations, think about a story in graphic novel form, discuss cover artwork, include illustrated chapter openers, incorporate hand-lettering, think about spot art, and make room for our own storytelling via illustrations. This workshop is for authors, illustrators, author/illustrators and creators of books for every age.