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WEBINAR SERIES: Meet the Agency–with Raven Quill Literary

Date(s) - 04/07/2022 - 05/05/2022
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Meet the Agency

4-Webinar Series with Raven Quill Literary Agency

April 7, 11, 21 & 28

@7pm EST

Join us for one, two, three, or all four!

Plus a BONUS

Pitch Parlor

May 5, 2022

@7pm EST

Whether you’re in the query trenches or just starting to create and explore the publishing process, join us as we meet the team at Raven Quill Literary Agency. Learn what each agent is looking for. Get to know their personality and passions. Bring your questions. And discover a new agent or find one that may be a good fit for you and your manuscript. Get feedback on your work. (A limited number of critiques and pitch slots are available. See the registration below for more information.)

(Presentations will be recorded and the recording link provided to all participants registered prior to the event. See each webinar for registration cutoffs.)

April 7: Publishing Law 101 with literary agent Jacqui Lipton
Can I quote song lyrics in my book? When can I incorporate other people’s photography and art in my own work? What if I want to write about a real person? Could I be sued for defamation? In this webinar, agent/attorney Jacqui Lipton will take us through the publishing law basics, surveying copyright, fair use, defamation, privacy and contract law (contracts with agents and publishing houses). Come along with your legal questions and concerns! There will be a giveaway of two copies of Jacqui’s book, Law and Authors: A Legal Handbook for Writers, for lucky participants.
Think Jacqui might be a good fit for your work? She will be critiquing: PB, MG, YA fiction or nonfiction. See ticket information below to register for a critique and/or for an opportunity to pitch to Jacqui in the Pitch Parlor.
*Registration for the live webinar link closes 5am EST the morning of the event.

Get to know your instructor:

Jacqui Lipton is a professor of law/legal writing, consultant, and literary agent who has published widely on contract, copyright, and trademark law, cyberlaw, privacy, and defamation issues, with an emphasis on laws relating to the publishing industry. She is the author of Law and Authors: A Legal Handbook for Writers (University of California Press, 2020) and the forthcoming Our Data, Ourselves: A Personal Guide to Digital Privacy (University of California Press, 2022). She writes regular columns on legal issues for authors for the SCBWI Bulletin, Luna Station Quarterly, Savvy Authors, Catapult, and her own agency’s website (Conspiracy of Ravens Blog). She is the founding agent at Raven Quill Literary Agency where she represents a variety of projects from children’s literature (picture book through young adult) to adult genre fiction.


April 11: Mastering Your First Five Pages with literary agent Kortney Price
No matter the length of your novel, the first five pages are going to do the most work. In the publishing industry, the quality of an entire novel is gauged through just these pages. In bookstores around the world, readers decide whether or not to purchase after reading just a few pages in. Therefore, we need to put a lot of care and attention into making sure that we put our best foot forward by carefully crafting five pages that draw a reader in and hook them so that they read until the very end. In this talk, we’ll go through some of the most common pitfalls as well as strategies to polish these hard-working pages to a shine.
Think Kortney might be a good fit for your work? She will be critiquing: Early Reader, Chapter Book, MG, YA & Graphic Novel manuscripts both fiction and nonfiction. See ticket information below to register for a critique and/or for an opportunity to pitch to Kortney in the Pitch Parlor.
*Registration for the live webinar link closes 5am EST the morning of the event.

Get to know your instructor:

Kortney graduated with a B.A. in English from Greenville University in 2014. Since then she has interned  with several prominent literary agencies and worked as an agency assistant and associate at several leading kid lit agencies. She found her home with Raven Quill in January of 2020 and is building up her list of wonderfully talented authors. Kortney specializes in books for children from picture books through young adult with an eye for all things dark and spooky to light and fluffy. To connect and learn more about Kortney, check out her  Twitter,  Pinterest, or  MSWL page.




April 21: DO YOU FEEL WHAT I SEE? An in-depth look at first person point-of-view with literary agent Kelly Dyksterhouse

First person point-of-view has become the predominant POV of choice in young adult novels and increasingly common in middle grade novels. It’s easy to understand its lure: writing directly from your character’s point of view can create a sense of intimacy and immediacy that invites the reader into the story world. However, writing in first person POV is not as simple as successful writers make it seem. In this talk, I’ll consider the pros and cons of first person POV, discuss pitfalls to avoid, and practical tips to employ to help you write a compelling and emotionally engaging story.

Think Kelly might be a good fit for your work? She will be critiquing: MG, YA and illustration. See ticket information below to register for a critique and/or for an opportunity to pitch to Kelly in the Pitch Parlor.


*Registration for the live webinar link closes 5am EST the morning of the event.

Get to know your instructor:

Kelly Dyksterhouse grew up with a book always in her hands and a story always in her head. The important role that books played in her early years developed into a passion for children’s literature in her adult life. Kelly holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults for Vermont College of Fine Arts and got her start in agenting by working as an editorial reader and assistant at leading literary agencies. She considers the opportunity to help bring books into existence to be a great honor, and it is a particular joy for her to work alongside authors as they develop their project from idea to polished manuscript. The best feeling of all is when those manuscripts end up as books in the hands of children. Kelly will consider picture books (author-illustrators only), middle grade and young adult, both fiction and nonfiction.

April 28: The Magic of Revision with literary agent Lori Steel

You’ve got a full draft, but now what? Revision! It’s where the real work–and magic–happens. But where to start? RQLA literary agent, Lori Steel, will discuss how to approach revision with an artist’s eye and a carpenter’s skill. The goal of the talk is for writers to add concrete strategies to jumpstart the revision process and keep momentum going until their manuscript shines.

Think Lori might be a good fit for your work? She will be critiquing:  PB & MG fiction or nonfiction, & YA fiction (no horror or hard sci-fi, please). See ticket information below to register for a critique and/or for an opportunity to pitch to Lori in the Pitch Parlor.
 *Series registration closes 5am EST on Thursday, May 19.

Get to know your instructor:

Lori Steel is a literary agent at Raven Quill Literary where she represents both authors and illustrators ranging from picture books through YA. Prior to agenting, Lori was an educator and school librarian where she had the special honor of finding just-right books for young readers. She holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Art’s Writing for Children and Young Adult Program and is a member of AALA. Lori lives with her family in Washington DC. When not engaged in bookish pursuits, Lori is probably walking their golden-chow mix or whipping up a new recipe. @Bookishsort

May 5: Pitch Parlor with an agent of your choice (at an additional cost)

Pitch your manuscript to one of the Raven Quill agents via a 10-minute, one-on-one Zoom meeting. Please check out each agent’s agency bio, MSWL and/or the things they are open to critiquing for this event to know if your work is a good fit for them.

Illustrators welcome to screen share portfolio pieces or dummy artwork during pitch sessions.

Critiques:  (at an additional cost of $50)

Submission specs and deadlines vary by agent. Please, read the registration options below carefully to know what each is accepting and what they would like submitted.

For manuscripts, see agent specs below. However, for ALL manuscript submissions: Please include your name on every page of your work as a header or a footer, as well as identifying information on page one: first & last name, email address, title, genre.

To submit portfolio pieces send medium resolution JPGs as separate files.

To submit a PB dummy send a medium resolution JPG or a PDF file.

⇒Please SAVE YOUR FILE as Webinar Faculty Last Name_Your Last Name_TITLE OF MANUSCRIPT/DUMMY as a PDF or DOC or DOCx. If artwork, then Webinar Faculty Last Name_Your Last Name_Portfolio as a JPG.

    Example: Steel_Strocchia_PURPLE CARROTS

OR … Dyksterhouse_Strocchia_Portfolio

⇒Then send your file to Kristen at The subject should read: Webinar Faculty Last Name_Your Last Name_TITLE OF MANUSCRIPT/PORTFOLIO (same as saved file name).

*Series registration closes 5am EST on Thursday, April 28. See each webinar above for other registration cutoffs.